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"Addison Engineering, Inc."
Leading Supplier Of Electronic Packaging Materials, Wafers, Ceramic Packages

"Alberox Corporation"

a world leader in the design and manufacture of high reliability ceramic/metal assemblies since 1961. The company specializes in solving difficult application problems usually involving extremes of temperature, pressure, operating environment or complicated geometries. A division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics.

"American Technical Ceramics Corp."

high technology company engaged in the design, development and manufacture of ceramic and porcelain capacitors.


manufactures Ceramic Printed Circuit Boards utilizing Thick Film Technology. Products include Substrates, Chip Resistors and Attenuators.

"Arco Electronics"

offers a variety of ceramic capacitors. In our product line, we are offering Multi-layer Ceramic Chip and Leaded Capacitors which meet the highest standards achievable in today`s circuits and tomorrow`s state-of-the-art products. Our Ceramic Disc Capacitors are designed to exhibit a level of performance and reliability well above industry standards.

"Art, Inc."

uses state-of-the-art technologies in the manufacture of electronic packaging systems, non-oxide ceramic materials, thin-film diamond coatings, metal matrix composites (MMCs) and developmental R&D. These materials are used by the wireless/telecommunications, microelectronics/semiconductor, transportation/military, biomedical, aerospace, electronic/industrial, energy and nuclear industries.

"Associated Ceramics & Technology, Inc."

specialize in advanced technical ceramics custom fabricated and engineered for your use in electronic, electrical, refractory, wear-resistant chemical applications.


Ceram-Teks products are used in many different applications. The lighting and electric heater industries use our steatite for insulating electricity. The retail industry uses our alumina rods for knife sharpeners. The furnace industry uses our cordierite for element supports and element guides. Our steatite is also used in the appliance industry as well as the resistor core industry.

"Ceramic Devices, Inc."

Ceramic Devices, Inc. (CDI) was founded in 1982 to provide filtering solutions to electro-magnetic interference (EMI) problems which plague manufacturers of high-performance, high-reliability electronic systems.

"Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (Aust.) Pty. Ltd."

Manufacturers of Alumina ceramics and Zirconia oxygen sensors for science and industry.

"Ceramics Grinding Company"

specialize in the precision grinding of ceramics for a wide range of industries. We continue to serve a wide range of industries including: laser, microwave, mechanical, medical, semiconductor, electronics, and defense.

"CeramTec North America"

a wholly-owned subsidiary of CeramTec AG Innovative Ceramic Engineering, one of the world's largest technical ceramics engineering companies. They manufacture the highest quality, best performing ceramic components in wide-ranging applications.

"Chung Chai Trade Co., Ltd."

specialize in electronic sections, plastic sections, varied ironware sections. We offer a complete range of ceramic disk capacitors.

"Coilcraft, Inc."

Coilcraft, worldwide leader in chip inductors, power magnetics, EMI filters, wideband transformers, power inductor, chip coils, rf chokes, power chokes, xDSL transformers.

"Coorstek Inc."

We are a leading designer and manufacturer of critical components and assemblies for the semiconductor capital equipment market and for other high tech applications.Using precision-machined metals, technical ceramics and engineered plastics our solutions enable our customer's products to overcome technological barriers and enhance performance.

"Corry Micronics, Inc."

manufacture of feedthru capacitors, rfi filters, ceramic tubular capacitors.

"Dahua Ceramics Factory Beijing"

is a high-tech enterprise with technology research and products development, industrial production and business trade. The products are mainly in the fields of lighting, vacuum electronic component, environment protection, petroleum and chemistry, machine making, paper-making, textile and social safety.

"Dalian Porcelain Insulator Works, P.R. China"

manufacturing and marketing porcelain insulators for line transmission.

"Danser Inc"

Is A Manufacturer Of Fabricated Steel And Sheet Metal Products For A Large Variety Of Industrial Applications, With An Emphasis In The Industrial Furnace Field. Examples Include Kilns, Combustion Chambers, Incinerators, Furnaces, Ovens, Dryers, Flue Exhausts, Heat Recovery And Recirculation Systems, Dust Collectors, Scrubbers, And Related Equipment Such As Rolled-Steel And Spiral-Wound Ductwork.

"Dearborn Electronics, Inc"

manufactures paper & film capacitors for aerospace, power electronics and other electronics industries,and more

"Dielectric Laboratories, Inc"

High Q Multilayer Singlelayer Ceramic Capacitors. Surface Mount Millimeter Wave Capacitors

"Dpa Components International"

Ceramic Electrical Components-Die Attach Into New Ceramic Package

"Ease Electronics Co., Ltd"

We are one of the leading professional manufacturer of safety standard Recognized Ceramic Capacitor and High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors in Taiwan. And also supply Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Low-DF Ceramic Capacitor.

"Ebg Inc."

EBG offers a family of Voltage Dividers for a variety of applications, including Digital Multimeters, Multi-range instrumentation and other switching devices and provides electronic appliances and more

"Ecs Inc. International"

ECS, Inc. International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of frequency control devices to the electronics industry.

"Edo Electro-Ceramic Product"

Producers Of Ceramic Products Semifinished And Electro Ceramics

"Eurocap International Limited"

The EUROCAP range consists of Electrolytic Capacitors, Wirewound and Metal Plate Resistors, Ferrites, Batteries, Solar Panels, Varistors, Axial and Radial Leaded Ceramics, Safety Approved, High Voltage Ceramics and SMT Chip Ceramics.


High Quality Piezoelectric Ceramic Components For The Electronics Industry.

"Hc Jauchs"

Jauch is a leading supplier and manufacturer of frequency control products for consumer, telecom, automotive and industrial applications. Product range: quartz crystal, oscillator, filter, ceramic resonator.

"Hooray Electronics Company Ltd"

Hooray Electronics Company Ltd provides Manufacturer Of Ceramic Resonators and more.

"Huntington Electric Inc."

Huntington Electric, Inc. has been in business since 1950. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest degree of reliability and quality in the industry. Our practice of blending quality, price, delivery and flexibility has given us the reputation and responsibility necessary to qualify as a quality vendor for major electrical and electronic manufacturers throughout the world.

"Hvc Inc."

Hvc Manufactures The Largest Variety Of High Voltage, Disc Style Ceramic Capacitors

"Hy-Q International Pty. Ltd"

Hy-Q International is a 100% Australian owned company dedicated to the supply of frequency control products to the highest international standards. Our product range includes quartz crystal units, filters, DIL's, voltage controlled, temperature compensated and oven controlled oscillators, monolithic and discrete filters as well as ceramic filters and resonators.

"Illinois Capacitor, Inc."

A leading manufacturer of miniature and subminiature capacitors, including radial and axial lead aluminum electrolytic, film/foil, metallized film, power, SMT and ceramic disk capacitors.

"Johanson Group"

leading suppliers of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Passive Ceramic Components to computer, telecommunication, contract manufacturing, industrial, automotive and military markets, electronic applications and more.

"K.C. Industries"

Manufacturer Of Ceramic Chips,the business of Manufacturing Technical and Industrial Ceramics and Wire Wound Resistors that are supplied to industries such as Domestic Appliance, Manufacturing, Chemical, Engineering, and Automotive.

"Kanthal Globar"

offer a full line of rugged, reliable bulk ceramic resistors - including custom designs - to meet the high voltage/energy requirements of the most demanding applications and electronic appliations,and more

"Kekon Capacitors"

Kekon ceramic capacitors home page. Wide range of chip capacitors, standard and HV chip capacitors, chip fuses, radial MLC capacitors, MLC capacitors,... all in wide Voltage and Dimensions range.

"Kwang Won Electronics Co., Ltd."

our present products, ceramic trimer capacitors, are exported to more than 30 countries and have better quality and prices than other countries.

"Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation"

creating a company dedicated to the successful manufacture and sale of innovative, high-quality products based on advanced materials and components.

"Lorch Microwave"

Design And Manufacturing Of Rf And Microwave Signal Processing Components And Systems

"Lucky Top Technologies Ltd."

One of the leading Capacitor manufacturers in Hong Kong, and indeed South East Asia, Lucky Top Technologies Ltd. insists on producing products that reflect the needs of today`s & tomorrow`s electronics markets.Manufacturer of electrolytic capacitor,ceramic capacitor, etc,.

"Mangalam Industrial Products"

manufacturer and exporter of industrial ceramic products like steatite beads, cartridge heaters , end seal bush, L .T. insulators, resistor boats,bobbins and special refractonary ceramics, grinding and deburring Media and MCB plates from ceramic materials like porcelin, Cordierite,Steatite, High alumina.

"Mmc Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd"

electronic components, Mitsubishi Materials manufactures a wide range of special materials for the electronic industry!

"Morgan Electro Ceramics"

Piezoelectric ceramic materials and products including sensors, actuators, transducers and microwave and capacitor products. Includes full interactive tutori.

"Mwd & Associates"

We offer 2 styles of hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings. Steel races with ALL solid ceramic balls or Steel races with alternating balls (solid ceramic/steel/solid ceramic/steel/etc).

"Nakagawa Electronics Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Ceramic Electronic Applications

"Ngk Insulators Ltd."

Ceramic Electrical Componants,Film-type Ceramics-made Actuators, Ceramic Products for Printers, Automotive & Industrial Ceramics Business and more.

"NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd."

the business in which our company is involved are manufacturing and selling spark plugs and related products for internal-combustion engines and manufacturing and selling new ceramics and applicable products.

"Noritake Co., Limited"

industrial ceramics, electronic components and even the unique roller hearth kiln, created by Noritake to make china production more effcient, have become important segments of the company`s international business. Manufacturer Of Ceramic Products, Tableware, etc.

"Novacap Inc."

a US electronic capacitor manufacturing company, established in September of 1979. Novocap manufactures multilayer capacitors using advanced ceramic and electrode formulations, and construction with thin, denser and more precise dielectric layers.

"Ohmite Mfg. Co"

Ohmite manufactures resistors, rheostats, switches, inductors, buzzers, and other electronic components.

"Pastas Ceramicas Vicar"

Manufacturer and supplier of prepared bodies for technical and traditional ceramic.

"Petermann Technik"

company specialising in the sector of time and frequency. Our very extensive and in-depth range of products includes the most varied types of ceramic and saw resonators, crystals and more.

"Precision Engineered Ceramics"

P.E. Ceramics, and our staff of advanced technical ceramics specialists, is your partner for high quality, precision machined ceramic parts and assemblies. From semiconductor equipment to aerospace applications and electronics few materials perform as well as ceramics. P.E. Ceramics can help provide a cost effective solution to meet the demands of your application.

"Presidio Components, Inc"

a manufacturer of high quality ceramic capacitor products for commercial, military and medical electronics. High voltage, multiple capacitor arrays, radial leaded, low profile, multilayer, stacked and chip capacitors

"Prosperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd"

specialized in the production and marketing of high-quality dielectric powders, components, and finished products, all of which have been distributed to every part of the world

"Raltron Electronics Corp."

manufacturers of frequency management products, including Ceramic Resonators.


manufacture Custom Metalized Ceramic Substrates, Chip Carriers and Packages for Power & Microwave /RF applications using our plated copper on to thick film technology and more

"Sam Jung Ceramic Co."

one of the pioneer in ceramic industry, specially lights & electrical insulator components and metal assemblies.

"Samsung Electronics Co Ltd"

a major global manufacturer of electronic parts and components. SEM has achieved an exceptional degree of vertical integration in manufacturing as well as a comprehensive product range encompassing passive components, circuit boards, computer components and peripherals, mobile communications components, audio and video components, and Internet and networking products.

"Shanghai Smile Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd."

research and development of precision ceramics. It has applied the alumina, titania and zirconia products in such industries as textile, household electrical appliances, precision machinery, chemical equipment biopharmaceuticals, environmental protection and house hold sanitary wares. It will promote the wider and wider applications of ceramics.

"Shenzhen Capacitors Industrial Co., Ltd."

specializing in manufacturing tantalum capacitors and multilayer ceramic capacitors for many years.

"Sierra-Kd Components Inc."

The Electronic Components Group`s Sierra-KD Components unit manufactures high reliability Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filters and ceramic capacitors for a wide variety of applications. Our products are used in the military, space, aerospace, implantable medical device, geophysical, etc

"Snr Corporation"

Our line of devices include Cystals, Crystal Clock Oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs, Monolithic Crystal Filters (MCF), Saw Filters, Saw Resonators, Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Filters/Trap/Discriminators, and Crystal Blanks.

"Special Ceramics Industrial Enterprise"

Group Corporation Of Ceramics Manufacturers, produces various building ceramics, sanitary wares, special ceramics, cloisonne pens, and is possessed of strong technical force and advanced testing equipment. The advanced key equipment was imported from Italy, England and Germany.

"Spectrum Control Inc."

leader in the design and manufacture of control products and systems used to condition, regulate and govern electronic performance.

"Spk Electronics Co., Ltd"

Spk Electronics Co., Ltd is a manufacture Of ceramic resonators, Ceramic filters,Plezoelectric ceramic element and parts,Ceramic Arresters,etc,.

"Sunlead Electrical Corp."

A specialized ceramic PTC thermistor manufacture. A complete line of PTC, curie point from -25J to 270J. Ceramic PTC thermistors as Heaters for Household appliance. Ceramic PTC thermistors as Protectors-Controllers-Sensors. Ceramic PTC thermistors use in Automotive Applications. Ceramic PTC thermistors for special Applications.

"Suntan Technology Ltd"

Suntan Technology Ltd is a manufacturer of ceramic disc capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacitor, multilayer (mono) ceramic capacitor, multilayer ceramic chip capacitor - SMD, ceramic trimmer capacitor, etc.

"Superconductive Components, Inc."

manufactures advanced ceramics such as superconductors, ferroelectric and optical materials for use in wire, cable, sensors, batteries, wireless and fiber optics systems.

"Superior Technical Ceramics Corp."

has complete in-house capabilities to design, engineer, tool and manufacture technical ceramics to customer requirements. We specialize in prototype through production quantities of ceramic components used in thermal shock, wear, corrosion and electrical insulation applications

"Syfer Technology Ltd"

Syfer has now teamed up with Novacap of California USA, and together we are a major supplier of specialist multilayer ceramic capacitors, EMI filters and varistors. Together we are the world`s leading manufacturer of high voltage chip capacitors.

"Taiyo Yuden Inc"

Taiyo Yuden`s line of SMD ceramic capacitors feature smaller case sizes and lower profiles compared to other types of capacitors with a similar capacitance and rated voltage, superior reliability due to higher insulation resistance values and breakdown voltage, and low ESR. Other characteristics of our SMD ceramic capacitor line include high noise absorbing effects, high ripple current tolerances, lower loss at higher frequency ranges and no polarity for simpler, more efficient mounting.

"Tecdia, Inc."

Tecdia is the number one manufacturer for Single Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitor with saftey margins around both the top and bottom electrodes.Single Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitor are available in tight tolerances and many sizes for immediate delivery.

"Token Resistors"

Token is the only few manufactures who has the ability of quality control from raw ceramic material to finished products.High reliable Cermaic Resonators and Ceramic Filters are guaranteed.Token also takes custom resonator and filter designs and assembly for your special needs.Token offers a full line of custom resistor and assembly to meet the high voltage/energy resistor requirements.

"Tokin America Inc."

Tokin America Inc. offers fine ceramics like piezoelectric ceramics and also offers chip type high capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors.Tokin`s Reflow type multilayer ceramic capacitor features a lower profile and chip type configuration designed especially for surface mounting.

"Transheat Ceramics Llc"

Transheat Ceramics Llc Is Committed To Providing Innovative Solutions To Businesses Who Recognize The Need To Reduce Fuel Costs, Improve Thermal Efficiencies, Increase Production Rates And Reduce Combustion By Products Discharged To The Atmosphere.

"Tritec Of Minnessota.Inc"

Fabricate & machine facility can deliver exactly what you need. The facility features a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment. With this equipment and our expertise we can produce virtually any type of fabricated product. At Tritec we also specialize in the highest grade ceramic and rubber linings.

"Trs Ceramics, Inc"

Leader In Production And Development Of High-Performance Electronic Ceramics, Including Piezoelectric And Electrostrictive Ceramics And Single Crystals, Actuators, Transducers, Advanced Capacitors, And Microwave Dielectrics.

"Tsc Electronics, Ltd."

We manufacture inductors, EMI suppressors, transformers, coils, chokes, film capacitors and ceramic capacitors.Our products include ceramic chip capacitors consisting of ceramic capacitors,high voltage ceramic chip capacitors,etc,.

"Tusonix, Inc"

World Leader in ceramic EMI/RFI electronic component manufacturing.

"U.S. Electronics Inc"

U.S. Electronics Inc., is the leading provider of ceramic filters, resonators and discriminators to the Electronic Industry.Ceramic resonators are available as an inexpensive alternative to Quartz Crystals.Ceramic Resonators provide a means of cost saving when high accuracy`s are not required.

"Union Technology Corporation"

UTC is the leading designer and development of various high frequency ceramic capacitors for high end industrial uses.The categories availble in UTC`s products are SMPS Surface Mount Chip Capacitors,High Voltage Chip Capacitors,High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors,Feed-Thru Discoidal Capacitors and Multi-Pin Planar Array Capacitors.

"Vacuform, Inc"

Dedicated To Vacuum Forming And Die Cutting Soft Ceramic Fiber Shapes With The Ability To Do Precision Machining And Preforming Complex Shapes. Small Quantity Prototype Runs To High Volume Capabilities Vacuform.

"Vishay Intertechnology, Inc."

A new licensing agreement will enable Vishay to undertake the high-volume manufacture of semiconductor products like cermics,porcelain, etc., using DaimlerChrysler`s Silicon Carbide technology.

"Vogt Gmbh"

The VOGT company specializing in the manufacture of technical ceramics of different materials with superior material properties has proved successful.Focal points of thier work are the development of ceramic-oriented component designs and value analyses in cooperation with our customers.We also develop and finish engineering ceramics for high-tech applications.


Industry Leader In The Development Of Alumina Heat Sinks Coated With Thermal Phase-Change Grease

"Wesgo, Inc."

a Division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics, has been the premium supplier of custom ceramic components for chemical, electrical, mechanical, and vacuum applications.


One of the World Wide leaders in Ceramic Manufacturing and Development. Premier supplier of custom precision engineered ceramic components for semiconductor, medical, mechanical, electrical and vaccum applications worldwide. Expertise is the ability to green machine alumina ceramic and hold extremely tight tolerances after firing, reducing the amount of diamond grinding. Ready to put the resources to work for you.

"Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd."

Company has devoted in producing the category of electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors.Moreover,the company has developed ac safety standard recognized capacitors polyester/propropylene film capacitors which has obtained the approvals of eight countries including USA,Canada,German,Switzerland,Sweden,Finland,Norway and Dennmark.

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