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"A - 1 Ceramic Grinding"
Precision machine shop grinding of ceramics for the electronic and microwave industry per MIL-I-45208A.

"A&A Company, Inc."

Custom designed metal, ceramic, cermet and hard faced thermal spray coatings

"Accurate Metallizing, Inc"

we are an established coating facility supplying manufacturers, end users, and repair shops with coatings for surface enhancement or rebuilding. We utilize the optimum coatings and materials available for your project needs, including ceramic.


service organization specializing in technical ceramics and their applications. Accuratus has a broad base of ceramic science and engineering experience, providing competent technical assistance with component design, material selection, and precision fabrication services.

"Advanced Ceramics Research"

Advanced Ceramics Research was founded in 1989 to develop state-of-the-art high temperature, high strength ceramic materials and processes. Our long-range mission is to improve the performance of ceramic and composite materials while maintaining our focus on client satisfaction.

"Airborn Coatings,Inc."

The automotive industry has embraced AirBorn Coatings as their solution to the inherent corrosion and oxidation problems on items such as exhaust pipes, manifolds, mufflers and turbo housings. The unique Aluminum Ceramic Coating provides corrosion and thermal fatigue protection and eliminates the need for expensive materials.

"Alberox Corporation"

a world leader in the design and manufacture of high reliability ceramic/metal assemblies since 1961. The company specializes in solving difficult application problems usually involving extremes of temperature, pressure, operating environment or complicated geometries. A division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics.

"Alpha Tech Coatings, Inc."

Specialize in unique coating requirements, coating professional. Over 5,000 fluoropolymers, .i.e Xylan, Teflon, Kynar, Dykor, Halar, Xylar, Ceramic, powder coating. Items to coat: guns, medical, aircraft, computer

"Angewandte Mineralogie"

Develop And Produce High Temperature Coatings, Which Contain Advanced Ceramic Materials

"APC International, Ltd."

manufactures quality piezoelectric ceramics: piezo buzzers, transducers, fluid atomizers, ultrasonic cleaning components, custom design piezo assemblies and related products for customers worldwide in the automotive, ultrasonic cleaning, medical, industrial and manufacturing industries.

"Applied Ceramics, Inc."

manufactures pressed, cast extruded shapes, in alumina to zirconia, for kiln furniture, refractory shapes, ceramic honeycomb for use in or by electronics, catalyst, molten metal liquid filtration. Also contract R&D, ventures, technology.

"Aremco Products, Inc."

produces high temperature, refractory and heat resistant ceramics, coatings, adhesives, putties, epoxies, castables, paints, potting compounds, sealants, encapsulants, graphite, glass-ceramic, alumina, boron nitride and zirconia phosphate.

"Associated Ceramics & Technology, Inc."

specialize in advanced technical ceramics custom fabricated and engineered for your use in electronic, electrical, refractory, wear-resistant chemical applications.

"Astec Icc International"

The Fluid Applied Roof Coating Ceramic Insulating System. TheRoof coating leader in Ceramic Coatings. ASTEC roof coatings Insulate, Neutralizes Rust, Waterproofs, Prevents Thermal Shock, Adds years of attractive roof protection.

"Baxter Custom Engineering"

Stainless Steel Ceramic Coating for Exhaust Headers, Intake Manifolds and Other Components.

"BCE Special Ceramics GmbH"

manufacture precision components made of high-performance ceramics.

"Borges Technical Ceramics"

Specialising in precision grinding and dicing of ceramic components to customers requirements.

"Bunting Magnetics Co."

manufacturer of magnets, including ceramic ones, conveyors, separators, workholding, maintenance equipment and magnetic printing cylinders and bases.

"Cam-Lem, Inc."

offers solutions to manufacturing challenges associated with powdered-metal and ceramic prototyping and limited scale production.


specialists in applying, at affordable prices, ceramic coatings to exhaust systems.

"Cametoid Technologies Inc"

Provides High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Ceramic Coatings

"Carbo Ceramics Inc."

produces spherical ceramic granules used in the hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells.

"Cerabo GmbH"

manufacturing of advanced ceramic components.


Ceram-Teks products are used in many different applications. The lighting and electric heater industries use our steatite for insulating electricity. The retail industry uses our alumina rods for knife sharpeners. The furnace industry uses our cordierite for element supports and element guides. Our steatite is also used in the appliance industry as well as the resistor core industry.

"Cerama-Tech International"

Cerama-Tech is a proven and widely accepted ceramic insulation coating which has been installed in millions of square feet of applications.

"Ceramate Technical Ceramics"

We can offer high quality products at competitive prices and long term reliability of supplies from our own Ceramate range. We can also manufacture special parts made to customers' drawings.

"Ceramco Inc."

manufacturing complex, technical components in a range of oxide ceramic materials for industrial markets using our proprietary low pressure injection molding technique.

"CeraMem Corporation"

develops novel technologies with government funding and commercializes these via new ventures and licensing. Fields include ceramic membranes and filters, catalysts, sorbents, and nanoparticles.

"Ceramic Coating Incorporated"

Ceramic Coating Incorporated is a small research, application, and manufacturing operation with over 30 years experience in developing products and processes for a variety of ceramic coating applications.

"Ceramic Industrial Coatings"

Ceramic Industrial Coatings has become one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturers of metal and wood finish coatings in the upper Midwest. Today, CIC makes paint and coating products that are used wherever people live, work and play. Products that are beautiful, durable and environmentally safe. Products you can use with pride and confidence.

"Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (Aust.) Pty. Ltd."

Manufacturers of Alumina ceramics and Zirconia oxygen sensors for science and industry.

"Ceramic Products Corp"

high precision ceramic manufacturing company here to service your companies needs.

"Ceramics Grinding Company"

specialize in the precision grinding of ceramics for a wide range of industries. We continue to serve a wide range of industries including: laser, microwave, mechanical, medical, semiconductor, electronics, and defense.

"CeramTec North America"

a wholly-owned subsidiary of CeramTec AG Innovative Ceramic Engineering, one of the world's largest technical ceramics engineering companies. They manufacture the highest quality, best performing ceramic components in wide-ranging applications.

"CFI GmbH & Co.KG"

is engaged in the development and production of components made of silicon nitride and aluminum titanate structural ceramics for various applications. \nCFI offers beyond that services for the material / component development and testing.

"Classic Coatings, Inc."

Leading Applicator Of Powder And Ceramic Coatings


High-Tech Protective Surface Coatings Applied By Thermal Spraying

"Coating Solutions, Inc"

Most Modern Technology For The Application Of All Industrial Coatings


COLORLITES specialise in the Ceramic coating of Glass Bulbs and Tubes for the lamp industry and also coating finished lamps with coloured lacquers.


supplies critical components and assemblies to the semiconductor capital equipment market. We offer: Advanced materials expertise including precision-machined metals, technical ceramics, and engineered plastics.

"CRS Holdings Inc."

Carpenter Advanced Ceramics (CAC) manufactures and sells high purity alumina- and zirconia- based structural ceramic components for a variety of applications.

"Dahua Ceramics Factory Beijing"

is a high-tech enterprise with technology research and products development, industrial production and business trade. The products are mainly in the fields of lighting, vacuum electronic component, environment protection, petroleum and chemistry, machine making, paper-making, textile and social safety.

"Danser Inc"

Is A Manufacturer Of Fabricated Steel And Sheet Metal Products For A Large Variety Of Industrial Applications, With An Emphasis In The Industrial Furnace Field. Examples Include Kilns, Combustion Chambers, Incinerators, Furnaces, Ovens, Dryers, Flue Exhausts, Heat Recovery And Recirculation Systems, Dust Collectors, Scrubbers, And Related Equipment Such As Rolled-Steel And Spiral-Wound Ductwork.

"Design Applications International"

We Design And Manufacture Curing And Drying Equipment And Machinery To The Customers Requirements.Ceramic Dryer For Marine Osmosis Treatment Applications , Infra Red Dryer For Printing Applications

"Diamond Black Technologies Inc."

Coatings for Plastic, Automotive Gears, and Wear Parts.

"Dynamic-Ceramic Ltd"

advanced ceramic manufacturing, trading, and consultancy company provides a company profile, applications information, and contact information

"EDO Corporation"

supply a broad line of piezoelectric ceramic and advanced composite products for the communication, navigation, transportation, chemical, petrochemical, paper and oil industries, for civilian infrastructure and for the military.

"Edo Electro-Ceramic Product"

Producers Of Ceramic Products Semifinished And Electro Ceramics

"electrical insulators and technical ceramics for industry"

Manufacture technical ceramics refractory and porcelain insulators for industry

"Engineered Ceramics"

Engineered Ceramics has been manufacturing high quality refractory products for more than 32 years. Just like the name Engineered Ceramics - we pride ourselves on our ability to provide products engineered to your specifications.

"Envirocoat Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturers and Distributors Of High Performance Ceramic-Filled Coatings, Paints And Finishes For Residential,Commercial And Industrial Application.

"Evercrete/Creto International"

Liquid China is a fluid applied ceramic coating that INSULATES, is a certified FIRE RETARDANT, suppresses SOUND, ENCAPSULATES ASBESTOS and LEAD, applies and looks like paint.

"Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited"

Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited are manufacturers of a range of quality ceramic products including Doulton and British Berkefeld water filters, ceramic cores and gas or fluid filtration equipment.

"FengHua XingYu Industrial Ceramics Co.,Ltd."

collected research,industry and sale one,specially produces all kinds of ceramics. Mainly produces 6 series: ceramic cup series using to insulate and insulate heat; ceramic ring series using to airproof and save water for pump axis etc; ceramic stick series using for replacing tramework; ceramic watch chain; using for pipeline gas,LPG etc; synthesis ceramics series.

"Ferro Corp."

Our innovative performance materials add value to a wide range of consumer and industrial products in five major end-use markets. We offer specialty coatings, colors and ceramics, industrial porcelain coating and more.

"Finishline Coatings, Inc."

Finishline is the leader in Custom Ceramic Thermal Barrier finishes for automotive and industrial purposes.


Extreme High Performance, Ceramic Coatings, Powder Coatings, And Anodizing.

"Gullco Enterprises Limited"

Gullco International is a world renowned manufacturer of welding and cutting automation and welding accessories. The production includes Gullco Ceramic Weld Backing, a cost effective reliable material for producing x-ray quality back beads without costly grinding or gouging and rewilding.

"Himson Industrial Ceramic Ltd."

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Ceramic Parts For All Type Of Textile Machinery, Such As Ceramic Thread Guides and Wire Guides.

"Industrial Ceramic Productions, Inc."

Industrial Ceramic Products Inc. manufactures ceramic castings and custom products for a variety of applications.

"Industrial Metal Coatings"

Manufacturers Of Plastic And Ceramic Coating Applications

"Insulating Coatings Of America, Inc."

Offers Paint, Ceramic, Insulation, Coating, Coat, Ceramics, Astec, Astec, Ceramic Cover, Ceramic-Cover, Insulation, Latex, Spray Application Coating, Energy Saving, Saving Coatings Refrigeration Heating Hvac And Inextinc.

"International Ceramic Engineering"

International Ceramic Engineering (ICE) manufactures and fabricates advanced ceramics and ceramic components such as insulators, provides engineering support, specializes in post-fire machining and grinding to tight tolerances.

"Ipsen Ceramics"

Toll processing, kiln furniture, protection tubes, crucibles, hearths, and custom shapes made of 60 compositions including alumina, mullite, fused silica, and zirconia.


Industrial Research and Development offers recision fabrication of glass and ceramic components.

"John B. Conomos,Inc"

industrial painting and construction services

"K-Tech, Inc."

Chemically Formed Ceramic Coatings.

"Keith Ceramic Materials Ltd."

Keith Ceramic Materials Manufactures Synthetic Mullite, Bonds,Ceramic Shell Moulds For Precision Casting And Other Products Including Friction Materials.

"Keramo S.P.A"

Keramo S.P.A. Has Been Manufacturing Industrial And Technical Ceramics Since 1972 Compositions Including Steatite, Cordierite, Alumina Oxide Al2o3 , Zirconia Zro2 , Silicon Carbide Sic , Boron Carbide, Boron.

"Keranova Ab"

Complete Engineering And Technical Ceramics Supplier, And Unbiased Materials Advisor

"Key Solutions"

Key Solutions offers Thermoflex ceramic paint, a revolutionary ceramic paint/coating. Thermoflex goes on like paint, looks like paint and yet one coat \nis equal to 7 inches of fiberglass insulation!! The energy savings are fantastic!!

"Kott Koatings"

Kott Koatings, Inc. Bathtub Refinishing Franchise re-glazes and resurfaces bathtubs, sinks, and ceramic tile, showers in-situ, on location by porcelain refinishing them. Restore worn bathroom and kitchen fixtures on location.

"Kuching International Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Ceramic Mixing Cartridge, Bathroom Accessories, Faucet Plambing Fixtures.

"Logan Clay Products Company"

Manufacturing Products Created From A Combination Of The Earths Most Durable And Long-Lasting Natural Materials Clay And Shale.

"Ltd Ceramics, Inc."

LTD Ceramics, Inc. is a fully-integrated manufacturer of technical ceramic materials and components

"M&R Performance Coating, Inc."

ceramic exhaust coating / High performance ceramic coatings for exhaust systems and other automotive, marine, or motorcycle parts. Several colors available.

"Macro Metalics"

Macro Metalics, a division of Elcon Inc, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in the heart of California`s Silicon Valley.We offer advanced design and service capabilities to assure the highest reliability in a wide range of ceramic products.

"Mangalam Industrial Products"

manufacturer and exporter of industrial ceramic products like steatite beads, cartridge heaters , end seal bush, L .T. insulators, resistor boats,bobbins and special refractonary ceramics, grinding and deburring Media and MCB plates from ceramic materials like porcelin, Cordierite,Steatite, High alumina.

"Marcus Materials Co"

Supplies Technical Ceramics And Ceramic Composites For Use In Research, Industry, And Military Appl

"Microplasmic Corporation"

Microplasmic Ceramic Coating For All Type Of Aluminum Alloys. It Is An Electrochemical Micro-Arc Oxidation Process

"Microwave Power Ins"

Microwave Power Inc. has developed a proprietary Monolithic Ceramic Circuits technology specifically optimized for power applications.

"Mindrum Precision, Inc"

Mindrum Precision has been committed to the achievement of excellent customer service in the custom manufacture of ultra-precision glass, quartz and ceramic components and assemblies.Mindrum utilizes its Manufacturing Engineering Staff to assist its customers in the design and product development phases to reduce production cost.

"Morgan Advanced Ceramics"

World leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of technologically advanced materials and components including Ceramics, Alumina, Laser, Medical, Body Armor, Vehicle Armor, Metallized Ceramics, Brazing Alloys, Steatite, Zirconia.

"Morgan Electro Ceramics"

Piezoelectric ceramic materials and products including sensors, actuators, transducers and microwave and capacitor products. Includes full interactive tutori.

"Ngk Insulators Ltd."

Ceramic Electrical Componants,Film-type Ceramics-made Actuators, Ceramic Products for Printers, Automotive & Industrial Ceramics Business and more.

"P-Ker Engineering"

prototyping of custom ceramic parts, metallizing, glazing and joining of ceramics, metal-ceramic assemblies for a variety of applications, product development involving ceramic/powder technology/ high temperature.

"Pastas Ceramicas Vicar"

Manufacturer and supplier of prepared bodies for technical and traditional ceramic.

"Performance Coatings Inc."

Specializes In Ceramic Coating Of Headers And Exhaust Components.


production, supply and application of atmospheric, process and specialty gases, and metallic and ceramic surface coatings.

"Precision Engineered Ceramics"

P.E. Ceramics, and our staff of advanced technical ceramics specialists, is your partner for high quality, precision machined ceramic parts and assemblies. From semiconductor equipment to aerospace applications and electronics few materials perform as well as ceramics. P.E. Ceramics can help provide a cost effective solution to meet the demands of your application.

"Progressive Technology"

has an accumulation of over 100 years of experience in ceramic manufacturing, from engineering to finished product, providing technologically superior ceramic components to a broad base of customers.

"Rauschert Industries, Inc."

has extensive experience working with oxide based, silicate based, or engineering ceramics - ceramic materials such as aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, toughened alumina, magnesium oxide, porcelain, steatite, cordierite, and silicon nitride.

"Rewarder Custom Headers, Inc."

leading manufacturer of Boat, Auto and Truck performance exhaust systems, offer a proprietary high luster aluminized ceramic coating.

"Romay Corporation"

have been in the Ceramic cutting tool business since 1977. We offer a full line of Ceramic, Cermet, and Silicon Nitride cutting tool inserts.

"Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics Latrobe"

supplier of wear solutions and manufacturer of high-performance ceramic materials. As the largest and most experienced supplier of pre-engineered ceramic components, we offer innovative, advanced designs for some of industries' toughest wear problems.

"Shanghai Smile Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd."

research and development of precision ceramics. It has applied the alumina, titania and zirconia products in such industries as textile, household electrical appliances, precision machinery, chemical equipment biopharmaceuticals, environmental protection and house hold sanitary wares. It will promote the wider and wider applications of ceramics.

"Sinter Metal Imalat Sanayi A.S."

Sinter Metal is a research and development company and a global supplier and manufacturer of P/M and ceramic parts serving but not limited to automotive, house ware, construction, work machinery, electronics, defense, medical devices, transportation, sports equipment, toys, computer, agricultural equipment and energy industries

"Smart Ceramics, Inc."

manufacturer of structural insulation and specialty refractory products for a variety of industrial heating applications.

"Solution Advancements, Inc"

Ceramyx is a long lasting, protective coating that creates a reflective thermal barrier, withstands severe temperature and temperature changes...long lasting protection.

"Special Ceramics Industrial Enterprise"

Group Corporation Of Ceramics Manufacturers, produces various building ceramics, sanitary wares, special ceramics, cloisonne pens, and is possessed of strong technical force and advanced testing equipment. The advanced key equipment was imported from Italy, England and Germany.

"Superconductive Components, Inc."

manufactures advanced ceramics such as superconductors, ferroelectric and optical materials for use in wire, cable, sensors, batteries, wireless and fiber optics systems.

"Superior Technical Ceramics Corp."

has complete in-house capabilities to design, engineer, tool and manufacture technical ceramics to customer requirements. We specialize in prototype through production quantities of ceramic components used in thermal shock, wear, corrosion and electrical insulation applications

"Superstar Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd."

produces high-tech ceramics, senior chemical engineering ceramics and special refractory materials.

"Swain Technology, Inc"

Application Of Wear And Corrosion Resistant Coating To Wiping Surface Of Wiped Film Evaporator.

"Texkimp Ltd"

The company concentrates solely on the production of creels for all types of processes and has access to the whole of the textile and continuous filament fibre processing industry and all its related technology. Texkimp provides a ceramic coating service for existing parts, and also produces complete ceramic coated components.

"the A.O. Smith Protective Coatings Division"

manufactures inorganic coatings for the appliance, automotive, and metallurgical markets that are corrosion and abrasion resistant, as well as aestethically pleasing.

"The Ceramtec Group"

is a pioneer in the conception of new solutions for ever wider and more sophisticated areas of use for ceramics.

"Thermal Control Coatings, Inc."

The Astec fluid-applied ceramic coating system has been applied to millions of square meters in all varieties of climates all over the world. Our solution has been tested in laboratories and proven in the field since the 1970's.

"Thermal Protective Systems L.L.C."

provides Ceramic-Cover, the space-age ceramic insulation, now available for use in commercial applications. Ceramic-Cover is a revolutionary insulation and corrosion resistant material which is in a liquid form and is applied by spraying. An excellent insulation and vapor barrier for walls, floors and ceilings, too.

"Thermal Specialties, Inc"

offer Ceramic-Cover as an insulating and protecting coating, in addition to our insulation, refractory, noise reduction, and temperature maintenance services.

"Thermoceramix, Llc"

Has Pioneered The Field Of Permanent Electro Resistive Coatings

"Transheat Ceramics Llc"

Transheat Ceramics Llc Is Committed To Providing Innovative Solutions To Businesses Who Recognize The Need To Reduce Fuel Costs, Improve Thermal Efficiencies, Increase Production Rates And Reduce Combustion By Products Discharged To The Atmosphere.

"Vacuform, Inc"

Dedicated To Vacuum Forming And Die Cutting Soft Ceramic Fiber Shapes With The Ability To Do Precision Machining And Preforming Complex Shapes. Small Quantity Prototype Runs To High Volume Capabilities Vacuform.

"Viking Foils, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Affordable Ceramic Drainage Elements For The Paper Industry. Viking Foils Has Developed A Low Cost Process For Manufacturing Ceramic Foils, Suction Box Covers And Other Drainage Elements. At About Half The Cost Of Conventional Ceramics, This Technology Is Now Available To All Machines.

"Vogt Gmbh"

The VOGT company specializing in the manufacture of technical ceramics of different materials with superior material properties has proved successful.Focal points of thier work are the development of ceramic-oriented component designs and value analyses in cooperation with our customers.We also develop and finish engineering ceramics for high-tech applications.


Industry Leader In The Development Of Alumina Heat Sinks Coated With Thermal Phase-Change Grease

"Wade Ceramics"

a world leader in the manufacture of ceramics for the premiums, incentives, promotional, commemorative and collectable markets; the UK`s leading contract manufacturer of promotional and industrial ceramics,and more.

"Wesgo, Inc."

a Division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics, has been the premium supplier of custom ceramic components for chemical, electrical, mechanical, and vacuum applications.


One of the World Wide leaders in Ceramic Manufacturing and Development. Premier supplier of custom precision engineered ceramic components for semiconductor, medical, mechanical, electrical and vaccum applications worldwide. Expertise is the ability to green machine alumina ceramic and hold extremely tight tolerances after firing, reducing the amount of diamond grinding. Ready to put the resources to work for you.

"Wonjin Co.,Ltd."

Manufacturers Of Electronic Ceramics And Cordierite Kiln Furniture Bricks and Basic Refractories

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