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"A-1 Custom Ceramics"
you can find anything you need to do any ceramic project, everything from clay to potters turn tables. We have three kilns on site and we fire every day.

"A.R.T. Studio Clay Company"

has provided Ceramic Art Equipment and Supplies to Artists, Teachers and Students for over 25 years. Our product line includes over 25 prepared Clay Bodies as well as Glazes, Potter's Wheels, Alpine Kilns, Tools and Books. In short, we're your one-stop source for everything you need for Ceramics.

"Allegheny Ceramics"

stock over 3,000 different paint and glaze colors; \n5000 different decorative accessories and supplies, kilns, pouring equipment, greenware, bisque, lots of new mold releases that we replenish often, thousands of brushes and manufacture Ceramco casting slip in artware (Ceramic) and a new terra cotta.

"Alpha Ceramic Supplies Inc"

leading supplier to the hobby ceramic and potters industry offering a large selection of kilns, potters wheels, molds, glazes, clays, greenware, bisque, porcelain and earthenware slip.

"American Ceramic Supply Co., Inc"

retail/wholesale distributor of a complete line of ceramic needs from kilns, wheels and potter's equipment, molds, tools, clay, slip, colors and miscellaneous.

"Axner Company, Inc."

boasts the largest selection of pottery books, supplies and equipment in the known universe.

"Bath Potters Supplies"

we have concentrated our efforts on supplying clays, glazes, colours, raw materials, tools and equipment from Bath. We carry a wide range of supplies in stock and also manufacture some of our own; glazes, slips, equipment, tools and kilns.


ceramic store for materials, books, glaze making, kiln stuff, non fired products, tools and information, including potters' studios and links. By Wigglydog Productions.

"Bracker`S Good Earth Clays, Inc."

Ceramics, Pottery, And Sculpture Equipment And Supplies Ceramic Hobby Equipments Like Glazes,Underglazes,Etc.

"Brodab AB"

specialised company for everything within the ceramic industry. We supply plaster, clays and bodies, kilns, ceramic colours, machinery & equipment.


we producers of bulgaria ceramics from red and white clay.for more info and information please see our goods.for your order please send e-mail of ceramics@all.bg

"C & F Ceramics"

Distributor of ceramic colors, glazes, molds, bisque, equipment, and supplies.

"C & J Ceramics"

wide variety of ceramic products: we currently own over 2,000 different molds from all the popular mold companies, a full line of paints and tools, porcelain dolls and more.

"C.C.W. Ltd."

Offers Ceramic Supplies and Ceramic Equipment like Kilns, Tole/Decorative Painting Supplies, Home Decorating Products.

"Central Florida Ceramic Supply"

shop and online catalog for brushes, colors, kilns and kilns furniture, molds, tools, miscellaneous.

"Ceramic Art Space"

Ceramic Studio Offering A Variety Of Complete Kits.We Stock Over 4,000 Different Greenware, Ceramic And Plastercraft Items For Your Painting Pleasure, School, Field Trips And Parties Available.

"Ceramic Supply of New York and New Jersey"

serving the ceramic arts industry.

"Ceramics & Crafts Supply Co., Inc."

Materials and Equipment for Potters, Ceramists, Porcelain Doll Artisans.

"Ceramics 4 Sale"

online shopping for quality ceramic products including glazes, non fired products, decorating accessories.

"Ceramics Canada"

We Carry A Complete Line Of Clays, Kilns, Wheels And Glaze Supplies. For Potting Enthusiasts At All Levels, As Well As Educational Institutions.


the most complete ceramics and related crafts support organization in the Eastern United States; offers consultation, training, tools, kilns, books and literature, accessories, color lines.


offers quality bisque and green ware, plus all the supplies you will need to complete your ceramic project.

"Chesapeake Ceramic Supply"

providing for all your ceramic supplies and equipment needs. Kilns, dolls, bisque, pottery and paints/colors.

"Clay Art Center"

Sells And Distributes Ceramic Glazes, Kilns, Raw Clay Working Tools, Art And Glaze Brushesand Pottery Supplies Online For Ceramic Hobbyist.

"Clay Factory, Inc."

Clay Factory,Inc.sells: Pottery Supplies, Books for Potters and Sculptors, Clays, Glazes, Potter's Wheels, Kilns, Extruders, Slab Rollers, Tools for \nceramics, Raku Supplies, Clay Surface Decorating Supplies.

"Clay Maker"

Claymaker is a dealer/distributor for 10 national brands of gas and electric kilns, 7 brands of potters wheels, 5 tool manufacturers and over a dozen brands of other equipment.


Specialists In Ceramic Mold Design, Sculpting, Rubber Block Molds And Much More For The Ceramic Hoobyist.

"Creative Glazes"

Wholesale Distributor of Hobby Ceramics Supplies.

"Dogwood Ceramic Supply, Inc."

One Of The Largest Multi-Line Ceramic And Pottery Distributor Whose Products Include Kilns, Wheels, Molds, Glazes, Underglazes, Clay, And Lots Of Ceramic Greenware .

"Duncan Paint Store"

A Shop For Ceramic Hobby Equipments Like Duncanpaints, Glazes, Tools And Brushes.We Want To Provide The Highest Level Of Service Possible.

"Ew Good & Company (Longton) Ltd."

supplier of specially designed hand made ceramic decorating brushes to the UK based ceramic industry. In addition an unrivalled range of solvents, essential oils, traditional mediums, chemicals, raw materials and handtools is supplied to that section of the ceramic industry specialising in top quality hand decorated ware.

"Full Service Ceramic Retailers"

Retailers Of Ceramic Art Products And Other Ceramic Semifinished Products

"Georgia's Ceramic Warehouse"

Complete inventory of ceramic bisque , ceramic molds, paints and supplies for the ceramist or profesional. Reatil and wholesale ceramic bisque and molds for sale on-line.

"Great Lakes Clay & Supply"

Complete Line Of Ceramic Art Supplies, Including Kilns, Wheels, Tools, Glazes, Stains, And 35 Dry & Moist Clay Bodies.

"Hammill and Gillespie Inc."

imports, exports, manufactures and distributes raw materials of the best possible quality and variety. In addition to material from leading domestic manufacturers and products imported from around the world, we also manufacture and stock specialty products not available elsewhere.

"Hobby Ceramicraft"

Hobby Ceramicraft is the British Hobby Ceramics distributor for the finest of all a Ceramist needs.

"Hobby Colorobbia"

hobby Colorobbia, meets the needs of the ceramic artist. When decorating becomes the proirity when crafting your ware, look to hobby colorobbia to provide you with the worlds finest, and most brilliant colors. The site, takes each visitor through path of free projects to view and print off. Ceramic educational bulletin board, staffed by hobby Colorobbia's staff artist in the U.S.

"Indiana Ceramic Supply"

Distributors Of A Wide Selection Of Hobby Ceramic Supplies New And Used Kilns And Kiln Parts.

"Kiln's Time Studios"

Featuring Complete Line Of Ceramic Supplies Like Ceramic Glazes, Underglazes, Paints For The Hobbyist And The Professionals.

"Krueger Pottery"

the site gives you access to the full contents of our 40 page catalog of equipment, materials and supplies.

"Laguna Clay Co."

one of the largest manufacturers of prepared clays in the world, offers as well glazes, plaster and moulds, refractories, equipment and kilns.

"Miami Clay Company"

Miami Clay Company has two convenient locations in Miami, Florida with International shopping through our online catalog. Our company provides all of the equipment and tools that you will ever need to begin a new hobby, or to start or supply your business.

"Mile Hi Ceramics, Inc."

Mile Hi Ceramics is a ceramics and pottery supplier. We manufacture over 25 clays on site and carry all of the tools and equipment necessary for schools, contemporary studios, potters, and hobbists to help achieve their clay masterpieces.

"Minnesota Ceramic Supply"

Minnesota Hobby Ceramic Supply. Range Of Products From Raw Clay To Final Over Glaze Materials.

"Mr. & Mrs. Of Dallas, Inc."

Supplies Glazed White China, Painting Supplies, Stoneware, Ceramic Gas Kilns, And More.Offers Paragon Ceramic Kilns For Industry Purpose.

"New Mexico Clay"

Pottery Supplies and Ceramics Supplies. Everything for the Potter and ceramist. Kilns, wheels, clay, Duncan, Mayco, Laguna, slab rollers, tools too!

"North Star Equipment"

We carry a full-line of just about everything that a potter requires. Check out our Ceramic Center web site. If you do not see the item listed, give us a call and we would be more than happy to secure the item for you.

"Ohio Ceramic Supply"

Worldwide distributor and exporter to the hobby ceramic and potter's trade.

"Placid Ceramics"

Supplies for Ceramic Hobbiests, Potters, Doll makers, Porcelain Artisans, School Art programs, Small Electric Furnace users, Industrial Ceramic product users.

"Pormor Ceramics"

hobby ceramics studio in the North of England, provides ceramic supplies, bisque, greenware and courses.

"Ranchhand Originals"

online and printed catalog mail order business for ceramic bisque, finished ware, ceramic supplies, Kimple paints (30% off), greenware, bisqueware and more - all at wholesale prices. We manufacturer a wide variety of ready to paint, quality, cone 04, ceramic bisque and offer the complete line of Kimple Colors, Brushes, and Supplies.

"Scarva Pottery"

Scarva Pottery supplies - Online supplier of earth stone clays, mason colours and glazes, kilns, potters wheels, tools and equipment to schools, colleges, trade, professional and hobby potters.

"Southern Ceramic & Art Supply"

full service ceramic shop offering raw materials, equipment and certification classes for ceramic instructorrs.

"St Peterburgs Clay Company Inc"

pottery and pottery/sculpture supply business, specializing in the finest quality clays and raw ceramic materials available to the consumer. Hot Alley is a members studio. Members pay a monthly fee and have complete access to their own space.

"Texas Pottery Supply & Clay Co., Inc."

offers a wide variety of ceramic supplies, tools, and materials.

"The Clay Place"

gift shop and an art supply store. It is \nthe meeting place for ceramic enthusiasts.

"The Golden Kiln"

full service shop, we offer greenware, bisque, firing, glazes, paints, and supplies.

"The Pugmill Pty Ltd."

wholesale supplier of Ceramics Bisqueware, Walker Clays, Skutt Kilns, Enco Pottery Wheels, etc.

"U.S. Pigment Corp"

Supplies Ceramic Raw Materials, Glazes, Stains, And Chemicals To Ceramic Industries, To Art Institution, To School Colleges, To Artists, To Hobby Shop, And To Those Who May Require It.

"Valley Designs Corp."

new and innovative techniques in tight tolerance exotic materials processing. We are one of the world's top companies in custom machining, grinding, and polishing of substrates and all hard and soft materials, including ceramic substrates.

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